Feb 2012 Ingredient: Citrus

In 1953 at the University of Florida, a small sorority of oranges (Chi Omega Three) was getting ready for their weekly mixer with the lemon fraternity (Tau Kappa Spritzer).
citrusThey were dressed to the nines in the night’s theme: youth soccer team snacks. But little did they know that they were about to set off a national sensation. The oranges and lemons were politely dancing with each other for an hour before a radish from the Astronomy department barged in and forced his way to the phonograph and threw down the hottest record off the presses: “Shake Your Mimosa” by Jelly-Roll Morton. Instead of getting angry, though, the crowd embraced the hip, edgy rhythm and did something no young fruit had ever done: they got wild on the dance floor and spun each other in circles. Weeks later, nearby campuses were erupting with the new dance craze and before the year was through, it was all but declared a national obsession: the “twist” was born.

The Truth About Citrus

  • Lemon juice is often used to relieve the pain of bee stings
  • In earlier years, particularly for oceanic sailors, oranges were a vital resource. A lack of vitamin C leads to scurvy and British sailors were often equipped with citrus rations to keep healthy
  • Some citrus fruits (some would say the most delicious ones) can be eaten whole – skin and all – like Kumquats and Meyer Lemons


February 2012