May 2011 Ingredient: Ginger

There is, hands down, absolutely, positively, without fail, nobody more lame to invite to your next house party than Ginger. Mostly this stems from Ginger’s propensity to crack horrendous puns.
gingerFor instance, overheard at the Taste of Chicago last year: “Actually, Ginger, I think the source of this dish’s spiciness is the chili sauce.” Replied Ginger: “Oh yeah? Is that the ROOT of the heat?” Ginger also can’t help but grin from stalk-to-stalk when cracking these groan-worthy witticisms. Heard just last week: “I’m headed north, Ginger. Do you need a ride home?” Quote Ginger: “No thanks, but I do need a RHIZOME!” Do yourself a favor and have an herb-free hootenanny for any upcoming celebration.

The Truth About Ginger

  • Ginger is noted as a powerful aphrodisiac
  • The root (or rhizome) of ginger is used for many culinary purposes, especially in beverages such as tea, beer, and wines
  • Ginger is believed to provide many health benefits, such as reducing arthritic joint pain, lowering cholesterol, and thinning blood, hence its proliferation within Chinese medicine for centuries


May 2011