Nov 2011 Ingredient: Bacon

Just the other day, we had a scientific breakthrough — our chefs built a machine that can see the dreams and nightmares of Chicagoans played out on a screen. No need to be embarrassed.
sola restaurantFrankly, we weren’t surprised by what we saw, which was uniformly centered around bacon. Yes, bacon. And who can blame you? We saw bacon in everyone’s wildest fantasies — bacon burgers served with a plate of bacon fries and bacon-barbecue sauce. Bacon-wrapped chicken breasts serves over a plate of brussel sprouts, quinoa, and bacon bits, all washed down with a chocolate-bacon milkshake. There was bacon on the table, bacon on the walls, basketballs made of bacon, bacon coffee, bacon town halls, bacon skyscrapers, even bacon wrapped in bacon and dipped in bacon sauce. So look — we get it! You can all stop dreaming about bacon because this month’s Prix Fixe should satisfy just about all of these not-so-subtle bacon-based urges (well… except maybe the bacon skyscraper).

Facts About Bacon

  • While cured and smoked bacon is ubiquitous in America, in the UK and Ireland, unsmoked bacon is equally as popular and known as “green bacon”
  • Today we call one slice of bacon a “slab,” but it was once known as a “flitch”
  • The “Bacon Explosion” is the result of America’s recent enthusiasm for bacon, often known as “Bacon Mania,” and consists of a thick bacon weave surrounding a sausage and crumbled bacon center. It is roughly football-sized, 5,000 calories, and enlightening.


November 2011