Mar 2014: Ho l, ma, I loko, kake, ea, eaea, lewa a la sola! (Spring is in the Air at sola!)

March Madness is here, and in case you haven’t heard yet famous-rich-guy Warren Buffett is offering a billion dollars to anyone who can guess a perfect bracket. With that and Mega-Million pots skyrocketing you gotta wonder whether or not it’s time for you to get lucky. Luck is a funny thing; some say that you build your own, others say that it’s the one factor beyond human existence that is beyond our control. Luck is a lot like a Cubs game: you can’t always depend on it for a win, but every now and then it’ll sneak up on you and offer something worth remembering. Usually we think of it as a good thing, but as every Greek tragedy or every Charlie Brown cartoon reminds us, luck can be bad as well.

So why all this chit-chat about luck? Because this month is Irish-American month, and nobody knows the two shades of luck better than the Irish! Historically ‘luck of the Irish’ was meant either ironically or pejoratively. What with potato famines, gold rush hypes and red hair, there’s no doubt that the Irish have had their run in with luck, but it doesn’t have to be all bad. Since everyone is going to be Irish this coming St. Paddy’s day, it seems like we’re all going to be dealing with our own bouts with fortune’s fancy. So how does one navigate the torrential hap hazards traditionally known for throwing caution to the wind? Well, I say toss the dice. Grab yourself a ginger, plant a big wet one on them and see what happens. You might just get lucky. But if you want to try something that is a bit less of a gamble come into Sola and try out any of our dishes right off our monthly specials.