May 2011: Lu’u I loko sola! (dive into sola!)

A hot dog with mustard, relish, celery salt, onion, and sliced tomato. The Sears Tower (come on, who is this Willis fellow, anyhow?). Ho-ly cow! Green City Farmer’s Market. A new mayor who swears. A lot.
sola restaurantThe obvious connection between these items would be the Chicago heritage. Geographically, many of these things were born here. In the case of the hot dog, such an encased meat delicacy may not have been invented here, but it was certainly perfected here. And while the phrase “holy cow!” may have achieved more popular use through the verbiage of Bart Simpson, does anyone deny Harry Caray’s ownership of the idiom?
A good many of these motifs are iconic to the Chicago experience, but they’re relatively new to our city. It’s a shining example of the way Chicagoans embrace the natural change of their unique and beautiful hometown. Here at Sola, we’re constantly striving to be a part of that change. Executive Chef Carol Wallack and Sous Chef Robert Bagley are constantly striving to source only the freshest, local ingredients in a daring display of culinary finesse. Our menu continues to evolve, reflecting our commitment to staying on top of the latest innovations while remaining true to our own aloha identity.

May 2011