Puna Ka Manawa a la sola! (spring time at sola!)

Finally! The time of the year that you know and love is upon us. Nobody does springtime better than Chicagoans. Months of laying dormant, blanketed underneath layers of earth, toughening it out through the cold makes us hungry for the sun. Spring is our big payoff for sticking it out with our beloved city; it’s our chance to go all out like a honey-badger; it’s the beginning of a long string of sunny days and warm weather months that leave little need for an excuse to celebrate.

If anything you might have too many reasons to celebrate what with the kickoff of wedding season, you may even have your hands full. Or what about the Bulls epic last stand against the Nets led by Joachim Noah. It’s time for our boys to bring the heat to Miami. And let’s not forget the Hawks giving the Wild a post-season mop up they won’t soon forget; looks like the team is making a run for the cup again.

Chicago might not have the most forgiving weather but we have plenty of reason to be proud. Speaking of pride, it’s just about that time for us to celebrate that special lady in our lives who will always be proud of us. You know who we’re talking about, that special woman who stood by clapping after you fumbled through Chopsticks at your first piano recital. Or that woman who is not afraid to tell you that you might want to lay off the ice cream for a while, or you’re not getting any younger, and/or you’re hair looked better when it was still long. Whether she’s expressing her blind appreciation, criticizing, or nagging, all the same, you know she loves you. Yep, MOM. Mother’s day is just around the corner so gather up a bundle of lilacs, lilies, and orchids, make a reservation at sola, and make sure you show a little love to the woman in your life who will always be proud of you. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Springtime is a great time in Chicago but if you blink you might miss it. So make sure you take advantage of everything that the city has to offer. At Sola, we know how overwhelming it can get trying to make special plans or just finding a quick bite to eat. But that’s why Executive Chef Carol Wallack and Chef de Cuisine: Bob Bagley go out of their way to make your life as easy as it should be in the spring. Brighten up your day in with us at Sola for fancy food and drinks the way you like it.